View Full Version : IP Resolving not working? And other such things.

September 6th, 2010, 04:01 AM
Hello everyone, I have a server running Debian - Lenny and I have some weird problems. I want to be able to access the HTTP webpage with just the computer name, or if all else the computer and domain name. This is some other info I have:

# hostname -f

# hostname

# cat resolv.conf
domain gateway.2wire.net
search gateway.2wire.net
# ^^Servers IP Address^^
# This was all automatically added by connecting to my ISP

# cat hosts localhost debianserver.gateway.2wire.net debianserver

# cat hostname
debianserverI can access my web page via the IP Address (, also I can access Webmin, Usermin, FTP, and Samba via this address to but not via a name like http://debianserver or http://debianserver.gateway.2wire.net (http://debianserver.gateway.2wire.net)
My Server has a static IP address that I pretty much manually configured because I needed to load ndiswrapper first.

Thanks in advance to anyone who answers! -Canute