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September 5th, 2010, 06:41 PM
Just curious, has anyone noticed with ubuntu 10.10, that rhythmbox does not display an icon in the panel? Any solutions?

September 5th, 2010, 06:53 PM

September 5th, 2010, 08:53 PM
Rhythembox Icon as been merged with the Sound icon. If you check the maverick forums you'd have seen threads already about this.

September 5th, 2010, 09:33 PM
perhaps i should have been a little clearer... i realize that i can control rhythmbox from the sound icon. im talking about minimizing rhythmbox to the system tray. It seems that i cannot do this with maverick.

September 6th, 2010, 04:12 AM
Yea I noticed it too, I've just kept it on the bottom taskbar. Banshee stayed on the taskbar at the top.

September 6th, 2010, 04:13 AM
I had issues with banshee though, it's been uninstalled. (10.10)

October 21st, 2010, 09:54 PM
I've noticed this too. What's the point of merging it into the sound icon if it's just going to show up in the task bar?


Just as I got done writing this reply, I close my Rhythmbox and what do you know? The music keeps playing and it is being completely controlled by the Sound Icon? I swear this didn't work about 2 hours ago. Anyone else?