View Full Version : [ubuntu] Wake On LAN not working in 10.04 Server

September 5th, 2010, 04:20 PM
Hello, I have Ubuntu 10.04 Server in a machine with an ethernet card wich has "Supports Wake-on: pumbg" and "Wake-on: g". In the BIOS I have "Wake On LAN" Enabled, "Wake on S5" Enabled and "ACPI suspend type" S3.

I do sudo shutdown -h now and it halts the system. And then, I try to power up from a laptop with Ubuntu 10.04 desktop with wakeonlan: "wakeonlan -i 00:27:19:B5:XX:XX" (with upper case letters), but nothing occurs. It does not power on the system.

I have opened the port 9 in the router to power the computer from everywhere in the net, but I have only tried to do it in LAN, and it does not work.