View Full Version : [ubuntu] USB Network Hub Belkin F5L009ea unter Linux

September 5th, 2010, 09:28 AM

I have acquired a Belkin USB Network HUB F5L009ea, this unit allows me to access up to 15 USB ports via Ethernet. The beauty is that I can also use multifunction Printers for Printing, Scanning and Fax, as the Ports are bidirectional as opposed to most dedicated Print Servers such as the Netgear Print Server which are unidirectional.

One big problem, Belkin does not supply any Software for Linux, so currently I can only use the unit with Windows.

My Question is, does anyone know how to get this unit working with Ubuntu? The Unit has a local Network address e.g. each USB Port must then either be assigned an IP address or a Port ID.

My biggest priority is to get my multifunction printer working via Network.

Thanks in advance