View Full Version : [ubuntu] grub rescue > _ after installation to hard drive

September 5th, 2010, 03:25 AM
When I installed ubuntu to my hard drive I did a clean installation from the cd partitioning the entire 40mb drive for ubuntu in 1 partition. It said to restart. I did. It ejected the cd and showed a bunch of giberish. then it went to a screen with a bunch of sector numbers and errors. I reset the system and it stopped at a prompt that said" grub rescue > _" the "_" was blinking like it wanted me to type in something. I tryed the entire process again including: downloading ubuntu, burning it to cd, verifying the cd was burned correctly, booting with the cd, choosing install, reformatting the drive,, etc. with the same result.
Ubuntu will run fine (but slow) from the cd under the option to "try ubuntu". By the way I asked a friend about it and he sugested that I try Puppy linux. I tryed it and it worked fine on my pentium4 with 2gb ram ATI graphics card and sb xfi platinum sound card. I would like to get ubuntu working because he said that it is the best. I would apreciate any helpful advice.