View Full Version : [ubuntu] Slow connection with zd1211b chipset USB WLAN

September 4th, 2010, 09:26 PM
Hi, been looking around and haven't found any previous posts on this.

I have a USB WLAN based on the zd1211b chipset (lsusb says "ZyDAS WLA-54L 802.11bg"). Running Lucid 64-bit with zd1211rw module installed. Ubuntu recognises it and it works, but it receives an extremelly weak signal (around 30%) and the connection is very slow and continuously cuts out (router is only a couple of rooms away, with no thick walls). On Windows, with appropiate drivers, it works fine (around 80% signal). It also works great in Ubuntu (though only 50% signal) if I move the router much closer.

The device itself is from a small company (LM Technologies - LM-001) and isn't on the official hardware support lists, but is that an issue if it is based on the zd1211b chipset? It came with zd1211 Linux drivers, is it worth me making those or will I probably be back to square one? I'm worried about making this driver as it looks like it's from 2006.

Any comments appreciated