View Full Version : [ubuntu] Pan newsreader problem on netbook

September 4th, 2010, 04:17 PM
Pan: 0.133/ Ubuntu 9.10 (netbook edition)/ lenovo S10-3t

I recently installed Pan 0.133 on my netbook. It is abnormally slow to do simple things.

If I just start pan, then immediately select "File|Quit", it takes a full 2 minutes to shutdown. During that time, "top" shows pan and at-spi-registry together using about 95% of the CPU time. If I kill at-spi-registry, then CPU utilization of Xorg goes up so that pan and Xorg together are using 95%.

Is this a known issue with Pan? The Lenovo has a touchscreen; could that be part of the issue? As a side note, why is at-spi-registry running again after I disabled it with "System|Assistive Technologies Preferences|un-check "Enable Assistive Technologies"?