View Full Version : [ubuntu] ipod shuffle and Banshee

September 4th, 2010, 12:07 PM
I have a 1 Gig shuffle (2nd Gen) and use banshee to sync.
After deleting all files from the player and browsing the folder it shows shows 13.3 MB used but only 252 MB free space.
Banshee says there are 715MB of "other" files but no music and no data.

The only way I've found to free up the shuffle is to attempt a format under Ubuntu then boot Windows to run itunes to restore it, then boot Linux and open banshee - it then reports that it's empty and I'm able to transfer mp3s to the shuffle again.
After transferring about two hours of podcasts, Banshee show 18 MB of audio and 88 MB of "other".
After transferring 314 MB of audio, banshee shows 81 MB of "other" files.
Nautilus then says there is a total of 432 MB used and free space is reported as unknown.

Another strange thing is that when I open banshee and connect the ipod, it shows two instances of the ipod.
I accidentally dropped one podcast on the second instance and realizing it, I chose to delete it - afterward that instance showed 159.8 MB of "other" and no audio, while the first instance, with 100 MB of audio was only showing 95 MB of "other".

Anyone have a clue what's happening here?