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September 3rd, 2010, 11:39 PM
Hi all,

Have setup HDMI audio quite happily using ALSA in stereo, however I recently upgraded to surround (4.0) and cannot get consistent results with digital out.

$aplay -l
**** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices ****
card 0: HDMI [HDA ATI HDMI], device 3: ATI HDMI [ATI HDMI]
Subdevices: 1/1
Subdevice #0: subdevice #0

$aplay -L
Discard all samples (playback) or generate zero samples (capture)
HDMI Audio Output

with an asoundrc file set up as follows:

$cat .asoundrc
pcm.!default {
type hw
card 0
device 3

so if I play surround files through aplay as follows:

aplay Norranda.wav

it lights up the correct digital light on my amp and I get correct passthrough. However, using mplayer with:

mplayer -ao alsa:device=hdmi Norrlanda.wav
only gives me stereo, as expected as there is no codec specified.
Adding "-ac hwdts" crashes mplayer, adding "-ac hwac3" results in no playback.
VLC tries to play it but fails to even output sound at all.

I'm stumped by all this, but it seems to me as if I have it configured correctly as aplay can manage it, I just fail to see what option I'm missing with mplayer.

For completeness, here is the output from mplayer when it crashes with the -ac hwdts option set:

$mplayer -ao alsa:device=hdmi -ac hwdts -v Norrlanda.wav

MPlayer SVN-r1.0~rc3+svn20090426-4.4.3 (C) 2000-2009 MPlayer Team
CPU vendor name: AuthenticAMD max cpuid level: 5
CPU: AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 245 Processor (Family: 16, Model: 6, Stepping: 2)
extended cpuid-level: 27
extended cache-info: 67141952
Detected cache-line size is 64 bytes
CPUflags: MMX: 1 MMX2: 1 3DNow: 1 3DNowExt: 1 SSE: 1 SSE2: 1 SSSE3: 0
Compiled with runtime CPU detection.
get_path('codecs.conf') -> '/home/pegasus/.mplayer/codecs.conf'
Reading /home/pegasus/.mplayer/codecs.conf: Can't open '/home/pegasus/.mplayer/codecs.conf': No such file or directory
Reading /etc/mplayer/codecs.conf: Can't open '/etc/mplayer/codecs.conf': No such file or directory
Using built-in default codecs.conf.
Configuration: --prefix=/usr --confdir=/etc/mplayer --enable-xvmc --enable-menu --enable-largefiles --language=all --disable-libdvdcss-internal --disable-dvdread-internal --disable-libavutil_a --disable-libavcodec_a --disable-libavformat_a --disable-libpostproc_a --disable-libswscale_a --enable-runtime-cpudetection --enable-debug --enable-mga --enable-3dfx --enable-tdfxfb --disable-gui
CommandLine: '-ao' 'alsa:device=hdmi' '-ac' 'hwdts' '-v' 'Norrlanda.wav'
Using MMX (with tiny bit MMX2) Optimized OnScreenDisplay
get_path('fonts') -> '/home/pegasus/.mplayer/fonts'
Using nanosleep() timing
get_path('input.conf') -> '/home/pegasus/.mplayer/input.conf'
Can't open input config file /home/pegasus/.mplayer/input.conf: No such file or directory
Parsing input config file /etc/mplayer/input.conf
Input config file /etc/mplayer/input.conf parsed: 89 binds
Setting up LIRC support...
mplayer: could not open config files /home/pegasus/.lircrc and /etc/lirc//lirc/lircrc
mplayer: No such file or directory
Failed to read LIRC config file ~/.lircrc.
get_path('Norrlanda.wav.conf') -> '/home/pegasus/.mplayer/Norrlanda.wav.conf'

Playing Norrlanda.wav.
get_path('sub/') -> '/home/pegasus/.mplayer/sub/'
[file] File size is 46747692 bytes
STREAM: [file] Norrlanda.wav
STREAM: Description: File
STREAM: Author: Albeu
STREAM: Comment: based on the code from ??? (probably Arpi)
LAVF_check: WAV format
Checking for YUV4MPEG2
ASF_check: not ASF guid!
Checking for REAL
Checking for SMJPEG
Searching demuxer type for filename Norrlanda.wav ext: .wav
Trying demuxer 17 based on filename extension
==> Found audio stream: 0
======= WAVE Format =======
Format Tag: 1 (0x1)
Channels: 2
Samplerate: 44100
avg byte/sec: 176400
Block align: 4
bits/sample: 16
cbSize: 0
================================================== ========================
[demux_audio] DTS audio in wav, 14 bit, LE
demux_audio: audio data 0x2C - 0x2C9502C
Audio only file format detected.
================================================== ========================
Forced audio codec: hwdts
Opening audio decoder: [hwac3] AC3/DTS pass-through S/PDIF
dec_audio: Allocating 8192 bytes for input buffer.
dec_audio: Allocating 16384 + 65536 = 81920 bytes for output buffer.
No accelerated IMDCT transform found
hwac3: switched to DTS, 1411200 bps, 44100 Hz
AUDIO: 44100 Hz, 2 ch, ac3, 1411.2 kbit/100.00% (ratio: 176400->176400)
Selected audio codec: [hwdts] afm: hwac3 (DTS through S/PDIF)
================================================== ========================
Building audio filter chain for 44100Hz/2ch/ac3 -> 0Hz/0ch/??...
[libaf] Adding filter dummy
[dummy] Was reinitialized: 44100Hz/2ch/ac3
[dummy] Was reinitialized: 44100Hz/2ch/ac3
Trying preferred audio driver 'alsa', options 'device=hdmi'
alsa-init: requested format: 44100 Hz, 2 channels, 100
alsa-init: using ALSA 1.0.22
alsa-spdif-init: playing AC3, 2 channels
alsa-init: using device hdmi
alsa-init: pcm opened in blocking mode
alsa-init: chunksize set to 1024
alsa-init: fragcount=16
alsa-init: got buffersize=65536
alsa-init: got period size 1024
alsa: 48000 Hz/2 channels/4 bpf/65536 bytes buffer/Signed 16 bit Little Endian
AO: [alsa] 48000Hz 2ch ac3 (1 bytes per sample)
AO: Description: ALSA-0.9.x-1.x audio output
AO: Author: Alex Beregszaszi, Zsolt Barat <joy@streamminister.de>
AO: Comment: under developement
Building audio filter chain for 44100Hz/2ch/ac3 -> 48000Hz/2ch/ac3...
[dummy] Was reinitialized: 44100Hz/2ch/ac3
[libaf] Adding filter lavcresample
[libaf] Adding filter format
[format] Sample format big-endian AC3 not yet supported
Couldn't find matching filter/ao format!
Video: no video
Freeing 0 unused video chunks.
Starting playback...

MPlayer interrupted by signal 11 in module: decode_audio
- MPlayer crashed by bad usage of CPU/FPU/RAM.
Recompile MPlayer with --enable-debug and make a 'gdb' backtrace and
disassembly. Details in DOCS/HTML/en/bugreports_what.html#bugreports_crash.
- MPlayer crashed. This shouldn't happen.
It can be a bug in the MPlayer code _or_ in your drivers _or_ in your
gcc version. If you think it's MPlayer's fault, please read
DOCS/HTML/en/bugreports.html and follow the instructions there. We can't and
won't help unless you provide this information when reporting a possible bug.
[ This binary of MPlayer in Debian is currently compiled with
'--enable-debug'; the debugging symbols are in the package

Appears to me like mplayer is trying to decode the audio even though it is flagged as passthrough. Any help on this would be hugely appreciated.