View Full Version : [SOLVED] how to install samsung printer driver

September 3rd, 2010, 08:17 PM
I tried following tweedledee's guide, and appreciate the trouble that (he/she?) went thru, but it was just too complicated for me. I tried several of the ideas therein with no luck. I finally got it working as follows; hopefully this will work for you...

First, I looked for hints from "Log File Viewer" under System-Admin menu. I watched the "lpr-log" while unplugging and plugging the printer USB cable (great troubleshooting tool - the Log Files under Admin!).

1. Add to the the repository http://www.bchemnet.com/suldr/suldr.gpg using "System-Admin-Software Sources". I did get this from Tweedledee's guidance - Thanks!

2. Open Synaptic Package Manager and download Samsung Unified Driver.

3. You should now have a new folder called "cdroot" in you home directory.

4. Open Terminal, navigate to the cdroot/Linux subdirectory in your home directory.

5. Type sudo ./autorun. This "should" run a configurator that will install the printer drivers. Note: mine hung up at %95; but I just shut down the pc and restarted it. I also had trouble choosing the right "port" under the configurator, but it at least installed most of what was needed...

I then found out thru "Log File Viewer's" lpr-log that there was some kind of CUPS problem. I manually restarted CUPS with the line:

sudo /etc/init.d/cups start.

At this point, the printer was recognized!

7. Use Synaptic to install Samba (needed for CUPS to recognize the printer - got this from another thread).

8. Now the printer should work - or at least this should get you pretty close!

Good luck (you'll need it if my experience was any guide!)):P