View Full Version : [kubuntu] Just another wireless visible but can't connect - I have pictures.

September 3rd, 2010, 08:22 AM
Alright, so I got a new PC for my graphic design classes, and have neglected my old lucid laptop for a while. It worked fine last I had it hooked up at home a couple days ago, but I let my girl take it to her place, and of course she breaks it, jk, but really.

Forgive me if I am forgetting something obvious, but I can see my network, but when I click on it.... nothing.

I dont know how attachments work on this, couldn't find an easier way to post the pics.

but also I have a cancel icon in my system tray for network management, my wireless is turned on, but... wtf?

I will bring it home to see if it works here, but figured I'd see if anyone knows whatsup. seems like theres a lot of internet problems right now.