View Full Version : [ubuntu] Gateway Laptop M-series 6888

September 2nd, 2010, 09:01 PM
Just used wubi or wubu to install Ubuntu 104.x on my laptop alongside Win 7 Pro/64bit.
Specs: 250G H.D., 4G ram, internal wireless, HDMI outputs, Webcam, full equipped, etc.
Ubuntu created a dual-boot system and installed easily up until the part I reached the internet part. Wired works fine, wireless does not work at all. This version of Ubuntu did not recognize my 801.g or any other close wireless. (Version 7 - another laptop - did fine on the 2nd try). This version will not store my WEP key (WAY more than 10 digits) and will not access wireless. Tips? I am a HUGE novice when it comes to linux, even though I played with unix in the 90's when I was in college.
Help, please!