View Full Version : [all variants] Is my card 802.11n compatible?

September 1st, 2010, 08:39 PM
A few questions about 802.11n. I just flashed my new router (Linksys WRT600n) with DD-WRT. This is supposed to be an N router. The integrated card in my laptop is also supposed to be an N card.

The router has two wireless interfaces. I have set one to operate a mixed B/G network, and the other to operate on N only. My laptop can see both networks, but won't connect to the N network.

I have tried setting the N network to identical security as the B/G, and also no security at all, but neither work. Does the fact that my laptop can even see the network mean that it's an N card in the laptop? Because my other laptop which I didn't think had an N card can also see the network.

And as for connecting, any ideas as to why I can't? Thanks to all replies in advance!

September 2nd, 2010, 04:25 PM
Well I seem to be able to connect to the N network now. I changed the security from WPA2/TKIP to WPA2/AES.

I still am curious as to whether or not B/G only cards are able to see N networks. I would think that would be physically impossible since they operate on different frequencies... ?