View Full Version : [ubuntu] CUPS Shrink to Fit now not working

September 1st, 2010, 11:09 AM
After just upgrading to 10.4 CUPS no longer does "shrink to fit" when chosen in printer options. This used to work fine for me and it's very important in my case because without it my pages get cutoff on the side and top.

I'm running a print server with 10.4 and a Samsung ML-1610 Laser printer on that. Previously I would print PDF files from my desktop 9.10 machine.

Then I upgraded my desktop and now every page I print is cut off on edges and selecting "shrink to fit" (either version of that option) makes absolutely no difference to output.

I've tried a workaround of setting a scale value and changing the page dimensions but it doesn't quite work and is really messy.

Does anyone with deep CUPS experience have any idea why this started happening? And what I may try to fix it.

As mentioned, for me, this isn't trivial as I have special forms designed to fit an A4 page and the program that generates these pages is not easily changed to suit. "Shrink to fit" used to work and was a perfect solution.