View Full Version : [ubuntu] Boot Manager set to "0", No Boot Options List, HELP!

August 31st, 2010, 11:53 AM

I am new to Ubuntu, I already love it and now I am installing it to all of the Computers I maintain.

On my Acer inspired one laptop, I had installed Win 7 and later installed Ubuntu Netbook 10.4. After installing Boot Manager, I wanted to shorten the display time from 10 to 1 or zero seconds. Thinking at 0 sec. I may only need to hit a key and Boot Manager will respond. If no key input, then BM will just continue to Win 7.

BUT!!!, it doesn't respond and now I cannot enter Ubuntu. Which S**ks real Bad!
-I have an Ubuntu install usb, Which i used to boot from and change the Grub2 file, but of course no permission!
-Downloaded EasyBCD, installed in Win 7, but success.

Can someone help me?, I want to Enter Ubuntu, but there is no Boot Menu (because its Display time = "0" sec.).