View Full Version : [ubuntu] Can't get itunes to work no matter what i do (using WINE)

August 31st, 2010, 04:55 AM
I cant seem to get iTunes to work no matter what I try, I installed WINE and various versions of iTunes, depending on what the guide that im following tells me to do. I usually get most of the way through and then something that i'm suppose to put into the terminal doesn't work. Itunes sometimes freezes the computer when i try and use it, and sometimes it gets to the point where it says something about not being able to work because qucktime wont work and i have to reinstall itunes, which i try to do, which does nothing.
I have a computer with a 64 bit processor, and an ipod touch. I am willing to go to whichever version of Ubuntu that works best with whichever version of itunes, i don't have anything important saved so going to a different version of the OS isn't a big deal. I have to have itunes because I have to back up my music onto something.
So, which version of Ubuntu is best with itunes (i have ubuntu 9.10) and has anyone used a guide that is proven to work recently? If their easer method of getting my music onto my computer, im open to that as well.

September 1st, 2010, 01:18 AM
from as far as i can tell, itunes will not work on ubuntu, regardless of what version u run, OR what version of itunes u run. i'm using karmic 9.10, and i too have an ipod. and no, i can't get itunes running period. for me there's always some error talking about needing apple support software, which i can't get or get to work.

anyway, i have found that the built in player (rhythymbox) is quite useful, even has support for my ipod :)

no, it doesn't sync like itunes does, but it's more of a drag-n-drop type of deal. but it does work. if there's something on ur ipod u want gone, just select it, right click, move to trash. it doesn't delete the files from ur computer, just removes them from ur ipod.

it's not a bad program, uses little resources, and was able to run my 20gb or so of music no prob.

i have had a few problems with it though.. some of the songs i have (yes in .mp3 format as ALL of my music is) don't play on my ipod. for example, a few (maybe 4 or so) off a single CD won't play on my ipod, but the rest do. i don't know why though, the entire CD was copied from a legit, or store-bought, album.

u may or may not have the same issue, though it is unlikely. all my songs play just fine on my computer, but it may be my ipod, or the songs themselves.

regardless, try rhythymbox, it may work for u. when importings songs though, it'll probably tell u that u need some plug-in or update for file support for them, mine did. but it should work.

let me know if it does or not.. i'm looking for a replacement to see if i can't get all my songs to play right on my ipod... or if it's the songs themselves.

September 1st, 2010, 01:31 AM
correction.. apparently Banshee now supports the ipod touch and iphones, and according to http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/08/omg-thats-so-2009-banshee-now-plays.html, it supports more devices.... however they do say little about it, but on the up side, there are quite a few comments by users.. check it out, might help if rhythymbox doesn't.