View Full Version : [gnome] gnome-terminal very choppy in 10.04

August 30th, 2010, 05:57 PM
After the move to 10.04 (not an actual upgrade, I've installed the system from scratch), only one thing is really bothering me: gnome-terminal.

For some reason, any text I enter takes noticeable time to appear (not large, like 1 second, but very noticeable). Same thing with backspace/delete.

Even worse when I am using anything curses-based, (for example, 'less'!), - the scrolling is extremely choppy.

Is there any settings that can affect this? I haven't changed pretty much anything in the visual settings and don't have effects enabled. Transparency is not enabled. The font is the 'default system' one. Accessibility options for the keyboard are not enabled.

EDIT: Oh, one thing I've changed, that might be of interest is the video drivers. I am using the ones from nvidia-current package.

I've tried xterm and it has none of those scrolling/typing issues, so it must be someting related to gnome-terminal.

Thanks in advance for any help!