View Full Version : [ubuntu] Package upgrade messes up UI

August 30th, 2010, 08:50 AM
Hi! I'm running 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx on my IBM Lenovo R61.

After upgrading the following packages:

adobe-flashplugin ( to
devicekit-disks (007-2ubuntu6) to 007-2ubuntu7
ifupdown (0.6.8ubuntu21.2) to 0.6.8ubuntu2.1.3
tzdata (2010j-0ubuntu0.9.10) to 2010l-0ubuntu0.9.10

my mouse-cursor turned into a black cross and my costum shortcuts became unusable and were shown as a red cross. Along with that, my workspace-configuration (2x2) was reset to a single workspace, and I was no longer able to alt-tab between applications. The application windows themselves were reduced in that I could no longer resize them, minimize, maximize or close them through the upper-right corner shortcuts (you know, just like the ones in Windows :) ). Those shortcuts and their bar were simply not present in any windows or application any more.

Oh, Firefox refuses to start as well. And the keyboard will suddenly stop registering input in Arora. The menu-bar containing Applications, Places, System aso also completely disappears whenever I open an application or a window of some sort.

So, yeah. Something ****ed up. Sadly, I'm too much of a noob to know how to revert those updates. I don't even know which one did those things. I've never had trouble using the update manager before, so this baffles me.

My hope is that someone have an idea to a sollution that doesn't involve a new installation. Though, come to think of it, when I describe what's wrong, it might just be the easiest thing to do. Thoughts, anyone? Thanks in advance for your kind attention :)