View Full Version : [ubuntu] Can not seek with gecko mediaplayer

August 30th, 2010, 06:39 AM
Thanks to gecko-mediaplayer, I can stream videos without the choppyness of totem. However, on longer movies, I am not able to seek (fast forward or rewind). Here is the url of a movie with which I am having trouble:


It will play, but I can not go back to the beginning without reloading the page. I can not skip ahead to pick up where I left off (say if it took me more than one night to watch this). All I can do is pause.

Here is some info which might be useful:

Internet Connection: Clearwire wireless modem: about 50-150 kb/sec
Ubuntu 10.04

I realize that the slow internet connection could be a problem. Maybe someone with a faster internet connection (1+ mb/sec) could check into this and see if the same thing happens to them.

As a temporary (or perhaps permenant) workaround to this, I simply right click on the movie, say copy location, paste it into my url bar, and download it; I have firefox set up to always ask what to do with the AVI format.

Any advice?
Thanks in advance.