View Full Version : [gnome] Music tagger or any application that can embed album art?

Edu Camargo
August 27th, 2010, 11:09 PM
Hello Guys, my second post right here. Greetings to all.

I'm just trying a gradual migration from Windows to Linux, using Ubuntu for such purpose.

I'm pretty content with Exaile and the features it offers, flexibility on tagging, gapless playback support, CD ripping, albums can be organized by date, blah, yadda. I'm just looking for an alternative to embed album art into music files. All my collection is in FLAC format.

I've tested EasyTag but I don't like how they try to impose their defaults, by for example truncating the date field, since it is in the vorbis spec, and I really love to use it, specially because I have a lot of albums from some artists that were released in the same year, so it keeps things pretty well organized.

In fact I just need an application to embed album art into the files, but this application should give me the option to pick an image from a local file if needed; for this reason I tried EasyTag and I just decided to leave it. I won't be viewing album art while playing the song since I'm blind, but I'll need it for future projects. It should be gnome-based because Orca screen reader can't access information from KDE-based applications.

Any tips/advices will be appreciated.

Thanks a lot.


Edu Camargo.