View Full Version : [ubuntu] ati hdmi output and audio successfull . need tweaking help !

August 27th, 2010, 05:47 AM
System Specs : 2.99 Ghz P4 Intel Pentium Processor 32 Bit with Hyper Threading Capabilities / 512 MB DDR ATI RADEOn 4350 Series ( generic asus version with hdmi and vga out ports ) / 2 hd's ( hd 1 = sata 1tb / hd 2 = 500 gb sata drive ) / 2 ethernet cards both being generic 10/100 / Cable ISP 5 megs down 1 meg up / and last but not least a 32 Inch Insignia with 1080 I capability .

No problems with sound or video quality in movies or games . I just have the discolored text like when you install a new lcd monitor on windows . I can't seem to adjust the contrast right on my tv or anything else for that matter to get the texts that even now as I'm typing this from looking like a rainbow .

Even my terminal windows are discolored and are giving me a migraine .

Is there a way to get this fixed or to trouble shoot it ?

I must say before I reformatted and installed using the hdmi out cable that the screen didn't have this problem when I turned on the Insignia HD TV as a monitor with the vga plugged into it . Though using both cords is what CRASHED the xserver down to a reformat earlier .. What's up guys/girls ? Can anyone throw me some commands to look thru and try for troubleshooting ? I am in desperate need of help with this issue ..