View Full Version : For laughs: Accidental decompression bomb with dd and gzip...

August 25th, 2010, 02:20 AM
After zero filling 3 hard drives I figured I should backup my root drive (/dev/mapper/Root-root). I was using pigz (parallel implementation of gzip) and dd... I wondered what the hell was taking it so long so I checked with kill -USR1 and received this:
4991120257+0 records in
4991120256+0 records out
2555453571072 bytes (2.6 TB) copied, 12330.5 s, 207 MB/s I checked the gzip file and it was only 2.7GB in size... Checked the command and sure enough I typed
dd if=/dev/zero | pigz -9 -p 4 > /home/modmadmike/Root-root.img.gz roflmao!!!