View Full Version : [ubuntu] Uninstall 9.10 from other drive

August 24th, 2010, 09:37 PM
Can anyone help? I have 2 HDD's the first drive has xp on and the 2nd drive has 9.10 on full installation not wubi. I have backed up all my windows documents on to the 2nd drive so I can give 10.04 Lucid the full first drive hoping to put all my windows stuff back to the 1st and then formatting the 2nd.

I forgot 9.10 was on the second drive :oops: How do I remove 9.10 first without losing any of my backups. I have tried formatting the area where 9.10 lives in windows but I can't get access.

Last thing I need to do is lose the backups there's too much too burn to disc and I have no external drives.