View Full Version : [ubuntu] Java/Web/App/ESB/SOA/BD Lab with Ubuntu

August 24th, 2010, 01:39 AM
I intend to use Ubuntu to create a personal lab to self study:

Oracle DB, MySQL, Postgres
JRockit, Sun JVM
Tomcat, JBoss AS
JBoss ESB, Oracle SOA Suite
and some others...

My knowledge about Linux is really little. So, I will use this environment for Unix/Linux study too.
Camparing Ubuntu Desktop vs Server, I suppose the Server should be the more adequate. Right? I suppose if I want to install DNS, DHCP and some other stuff it's easier by using server version.
However, after installing it, it didn't come with X. But I really enjoyed the desktop theme. Ok, apt-get solved this (just the gnome theme) problem.
Now I have tried to install VMware Tools, but I got some issues with network.

Well, could you help me to plan this environment?
First: what to use - server or desktop? And so... What should I do?