View Full Version : upgrading easy peasy 1.5 to ubuntu netbook remix 9.10

August 23rd, 2010, 05:34 PM
Three years ago I bought acer aspire one with Linpus preinstalled on it. This year i wantd to install some program on this computer and damaged system. One of my friends installed easy peasy1.5 and it works good now. But once I tryed to upgrade this OS to ubuntu 9.10. After upgrading it became very slow. I didnt use Janitor programm because i was afreid to damage computer. My friend reinstaled easy peasy and again it works good. several days ago Ihave seen ubuntu netbook edition 10.04 and i would like to upgrade my netbook. My net book have only 500 MB of RAM. Will 10.04 work on this netbook? can janitor really damage my computer? what can i else to do in order to speed my netbook up?I am quite new inlinux and can install packages only by using synaptic.

August 23rd, 2010, 11:08 PM
I have an Aspire One with 10.04 netbook edition installed and it works great. I'd definitely recommend trying it. 500mb of RAM should be fine. Mine has 1gb, but I have ran Ubuntu on a 512mb PC before and it works well. I would backup and do a clean install rather than an upgrade though (I'm not even sure if you can upgrade from easy peasy).

I would avoid using Janitor, it has a tendency to remove things that shouldn't be removed.. it's not really necessary to use it.