View Full Version : [all variants] Trying to bring my almost dead laptop back to life

August 23rd, 2010, 05:22 PM
So, here's the story. I've had Ubuntu running on my laptop for the past 3 years and haven't had a problem with it. Few months ago, its GPU died so I've been using it as a headless server ever since. Last week I decided to take it to the service center to get an estimate on a new motherboard of fixing this if possible. They said they cannot give me an estimate until they're sure it's really a GPU problem. So they opened it, confirmed, give me an estimate of $1000 which I didn't agree to pay so they gave it back to me saying it's "in the same condition as I gave it". When I got back home, it doesn't boot anymore. There's no point arguing with them. I told them I was using it over SSH for the last few months and didn't believe me. They think the laptop was dead like it is now so what they mean by "same condition" is that the lights are all on. So now it's upto me to try and bring it back to life if possible.

Before I gave it to them, it took about 22 seconds to boot. Now it stops after 12 seconds so something might be preventing it to boot any futher. I figured it might be because there were errors on the hard drives, so I took them out and tried it on my desktop. It booted into CLI from the laptop's hard disk so that wasn't the problem. The soundcard's spdif light turns on a few seconds after boot so I'm guessing its driver got loaded, but the wireless light won't turn on. I tried to ssh into it over the wired network but even that seems to be down. I tried reseating the RAM sticks. If I hit Ctrl+Alt+Del, the hard disk shows some activity and then it reboots, so maybe the OS isn't frozen?

I'm running out of ideas. Without a display, it's hard to figure out what's wrong with it. Anything else that I should try before I throw it away? I'm gonna open up the whole thing later and see if they screwed up something while they put it back together.