View Full Version : [ubuntu] GLX screensavers not working - Lucid Lynx

August 22nd, 2010, 05:37 AM
Greetings -

I have at least two machines on which xscreensaver's GLX modules do not work since updating to 10.04. One is using the nvidia binary driver (256) with an 8600GT card, and the other is an old machine with an old ATI Radeon card (using the open-source driver). On the nvidia machine, nvidia-glx is installed, and it's also being loaded in the xorg.conf file.

I've Googled this and really haven't found any answers - a few with similar problems have posted, but I didn't find any solutions.

Anyone have a fix for this?

Thanks - Bob

August 30th, 2010, 12:05 AM
No one else has had problems with GL screensavers and xscreensaver under Lucid?? I can't believe no one has a fix for this, seeing as I've had two machines fail with it.

One machine is running Gnome/Metacity and the other is running Windowmaker, if that makes any difference.

September 12th, 2010, 04:16 PM
Yes! Absolutely I'm having a problem with it. I set the screensaver off or with a 2-hour limit and the damned thing goes blank after 5 minutes anyway. It's aggravating in the middle of watching a movie.

I've got Lucid installed on two different laptops and it happens on both of them.

I do find that after reactivating the screen it seems to stay on after that.

Unfortunately I know of no way to fix it yet...

September 14th, 2010, 11:22 PM
Not the problem I'm having. My issue is that the GL screensaver modules simply don't work at all; the non-GL ones do. I haven't changed any settings, just updated to Lucid from Karmic.

November 2nd, 2010, 09:19 PM
I'm having issues too. Since the upgrade to Lucid, all the screensavers have stopped functioning predicatably all together. It's especially noticeable after a late-night movie, played on VLC, after which instead of a nice black screen, I get a glaring background image floodlighting the room until the sun comes up, or I get out of bed to turn it off.

Here's the weird part: the problem doesn't seem to affect my primary login, but affects the login I created for my other half. I've found no difference in settings between the two logins, and I'm out of ideas on how to fix it.