View Full Version : [ubuntu] problem about my Acer aspire one 532h

August 21st, 2010, 09:54 PM
Ok, so here's what happend. ,I recentley installed Ubuntu netbook remix on my acer aspire one 532h with windows 7 starter. I then completley resseted my Windows 7 starter kit with the boot up recovery option to make my netbook quick enough to use ubuntu and windows 7. After i sussesfully resseted my windows 7 starter kit i logged on and then downloaded a few stuff on the windows 7 starter then shut my computer down as it needed to install a few updated. i simply turned my computer back on then all i saw was the acer logo rebooting then a black screen, then it kept rebooting and doing the same, the acer logo then black screen, then reboot. There was no duuel boot options or anything. so what i thaught was because i have ubuntu on my USB i would load it up via that. It gave me install options and i partitioned the whole drive for ubuntu (160gb) and have lost windows 7. I am very annoyed and am wondering if i can reset the laptop anyhow so it has the settings i braught it with (just windows 7) thanks.