View Full Version : [ubuntu] 10.04 LTS - update - boot failure - bad softlink help

August 21st, 2010, 12:23 AM
Hi Folks,

I'll try to be brief here... Fresh install of 10.04 LTS; did an update and...

Problem: GDM/X failure booting after update now hangs at battery status
(stuck at Ubuntu flashing LED's and did <esc> to see where it was).

Question: where is /usr/lib/libgio-2.0.so.0 supposed to link to?

What: booted into recovery; tried standard provided "fixes"

Bottom line
- I show a failed softlink from: /usr/lib/libgio-2.0.so.0 -> /usr/lib/libgio-2.0.so.0.2400.1
I'm hoping correcting this will resolve the X and desktop problem.

Where is really supposed to link to? there are some other "2400" files, don't know what/which to chose.

(aptitude reinstall of metacity and libgio-fam) did not change the faulty soft-link