View Full Version : [kubuntu] New keyboard layout

August 19th, 2010, 05:36 AM
Hi all,

I'm currently using the Svorak keyboard layout, but want to be able to use IPA symbols, preferably using the AltGr key. I noticed there's no existing IPA keyboard layout for KDE, so I made one, following instructions on this page
http://hektor.umcs.lublin.pl/~mikosmul/computing/articles/custom-keyboard-layouts-xkb.html (http://hektor.umcs.lublin.pl/%7Emikosmul/computing/articles/custom-keyboard-layouts-xkb.html)

I ended up making a new layout variant called "Sweden - IPA" under the Sweden file, and saved the changes to
which had the existing Swedish layouts before I started.

I've restarted since saving the changes, and when I open the keyboard layouts under Regional and Language options, "Sweden - IPA" does not appear. What can I do to make this layout usable?