View Full Version : [ubuntu] KDE application performance issues

August 18th, 2010, 06:42 PM
I'm running Ubuntu 10.4. I love gnome, but there two KDE apps I can't live without: Amarok and Digikam. Amarok was unusable for me this release. It would lock up and crash on launch. I uninstalled it. Digikam runs very slowly if I'm using it for too long (hour+). It will freeze up sometimes and once it crashed.

I know that KDE apps aren't meant for gnome, but I have never had a problem before. Is this a known issue?

EDIT: Something I forgot, that I wanted to mention:

Using Digikam, sometimes cause my theme to.. drop? It will change to what I assume is the default theme. Also, it uses 80%+ of both of my processors when moving files. I moved about 100 files to a new folder, when I noticed it last, although it's happened with less files. This isn't behavior I remember from before.