View Full Version : [ubuntu] "initramfs" when booting 8.04 from CD

Robert Rawdon
August 17th, 2010, 09:51 PM
Dear Cyberlifeguards,

I'm new to Ubuntu, but like the clarity of the system vs. Windows XP Professional. I installed WUBI 10 to try it out alongside Windows XP, and it works fine. The thing is: I need to DOWNGRADE to Ubuntu 8.04 in order to run an NCOMPUTING client system.

So, I burned a CD using instructions from Ubuntu, and that worked OK, though I didn't understand the checksum programs and didn't run them. OK, changed the startup drive and now, when I restart everything looks good, "Ubuntu" logo up. . . but after a few seconds it takes me to:


of which I know nothing and where I fear to tread.

¿¿So, is there a way around this so my box will boot from the CD??

- Windows XP Pro is still installed, althoughI did uninstall the Ubuntu program using Windows, so that shouldn't be interfering.
- Downloaded Ubuntu for 32-bit systems, not the 64, although this machine is a 64-bit dual-core7. (The NComputing system must use a 32-bit OS.)

Thanks. . .