View Full Version : [ubuntu] help with upgrading jaunty to lucid.

August 17th, 2010, 05:03 AM
well i guess it's about time i cave in and upgrade ubuntu. as with previous upgrades finding always one or other problem i feel the need to ask before going ahead with upgrading to karmic then to lucid.

i got my ubuntu fully customized with emerald and awn, with some window borders i'm afraid of losing. also compiz with all effects and whatnot. same with sounds and icons. other than that, i got some software like ushare to watch movies on xbox360 configured, as well as running the uplink and doom3 games natively.

my question is, is there any chance i may stand to lose any of the above mid and post-upgrade? as always any help is greatly appreciated. ):P

August 17th, 2010, 06:38 AM
Personally I find that the more customized the existing configuration is the more likely it is to fail or give problems.You could always repartition your drive and do a dual boot with a clean install and then customize what you want or need and then resize your drive after everything is settled.That would probably be quicker anyway than 2 upgrades.But that is just me.Remember to back-up everything........