View Full Version : [ubuntu] Downgrading PHP 5.3 > 5.2 with make install

August 16th, 2010, 03:09 PM
Im researching the best way to get PHP 5.2 installed and remove the 5.3 version I have currently. I should have first made a note of the version my production server was using before setting up my local workstation environment. Little did I know that I would run into PHP version issues. This has brought me to wondering now about the use of the package management for software installations under Ubuntu, in the case where one wants to use an earlier version of something than what is in the repositories. What is the best approach in these cases?

As for myself, Ive been going over the threads that offer methods to fool the package manager into using older versions. However, how does one undo this later?

What about simply uninstalling all the PHP items, then installing the older version by doing it the old fashion way - make/install?