View Full Version : [ubuntu] Network manager ubuntu and IPad - internet connection sharing

August 14th, 2010, 05:39 PM
I want to share my eth0 (lan) internet connection through wifi with my IPad (it will be best with GUI solution)

I tried the network manager functionality: shared to other computers on my adhoc wifi. For not changing my wifi adhoc wifi every second from connect/disconnect

I installed dnsmasq-base.
I uninstalled dnsmasq.

Now, if It workse, when I don't use wireless security. Ipad gets IP address by DHCP server and internet connection automatically.

However, Ipad doesn't get any IP address when I use wireless security, for example wep, wpa. IPad generates its own ip address which is wrong.

Have you encounter same problem? Do you know how to solve wireless security problem? :confused: