View Full Version : [ubuntu] how good is es1000 ati?

August 14th, 2010, 02:58 PM
Hi, I am building a server from ground up. I want to know how good is this gpu chip: es1000 ati

I am buying a server motherboard. I am thinking to buy a supermicro h8qme-2 is this any good?

It uses a es1000 ati onboard gpu. It says 16mb. Would this gpu be good enough to load a desktop environment? I want to build a server that won't do any hard-core gpu computing but just need a desktop gui type interface so I can setup the server pretty quickly.

Do you think If I use ubuntu that I will be able to install ubuntu-desktop? Or would I have to upgrade the gpu with a pci-express card?

Please do redirect this threat to the appropriate place. I asked here since this is server hardware related question.