View Full Version : [ubuntu] Squid, ACL, Delay Pools, Reverse Proxy for Multiple Webservers

August 14th, 2010, 12:30 PM
I am trying to learn squid so that i can configure it to do:

Define Content groups, e.g.

images containing gif, png, ico, jpg, jpeg, etc
Audio containing mp3, wav, ogg etc
Binary files

Acting Reverse Proxy for Multiple Web Servers hosted at different geographical locations, accessible via static IPs.

Restrict the amount of monthly Bandwidth to say 1G and if a site goes over it, all requests will go to original server.
Restrict/Allow specific content groups from certain web servers.

I know (1) can be done with ACL and (2) can be done by

Including files that belong to those web server's squid configuration in squid.conf (We can do it on one squid.conf but i like configurations to be distributed among files for easy management)

Content groups can be allowed/denied using ACL in web-server specific files.
Place Delay Pools restriction inside web-server specific files

But thats all theory. I have been trying to learn the syntax, and its seems so confusing, not to mention squid.conf is well documented but bloated for a new person, every line has 8 new tunnel openings to decide from.

Also can web-server specific config allow override parameters from the original squid.conf? Like say if i block everything e.g. images, audios, videos, binaries in squid.conf, can i allow specific content groups for specific web servers?