View Full Version : [ubuntu] (initramfs) -> Freezing in Install -> Alternative Version

August 13th, 2010, 07:22 PM
Thanks in advance for answering this problem... First up, I'd just like to point out I'm a novice at Linux, I was very proficient at Windows but have decided to try Ubuntu. OK, here's what's wrong:

1) Downloaded CD version of Ubuntu 10.04, and burnt the .iso to a disc using Nero... Burn went absolutely fine, but when I tried to run the install it came up with an error, something to do with 'Busybox' and '(initramfs) Unable to find a medium containing a live file system.' Read on the internet that this may be caused by a malfunctioning/old dvd drive. Fair enough, I am using a Dell Optiplex GX270

2) Downloaded USB version of Ubuntu 10.04, and put it on my 2-Gig memory stick via USB via 'Universal USB Installer v1.7.9'... when I booted from it during BIOS, it got to the purple splash-screen (with the orange and white dots scrolling beneath the Ubuntu logo and Word) and it froze... I ran the 'memtest' to see if there was an error with the RAM, but it passed the tests. Tried to see if i could use quiet-splash, or a phrase to that effect, via 'expert mode' but, even when pressing F6 I couldn't even see the 'Other Options' - which leads to the option for Expert - at the bottom of the screen :L

3) Downloaded the 'Alternative Version' from the bit-torrent version... and placed that on the USB stick via 'Universal USB Installer v1.7.9'... when I booted from it in BIOS it didn't even come up with the purple splash-screen, but rather a wizard (much like the GUI for installing XP). This was all going fine and dandy until it tried to 'Mount the CD.' Of course it couldn't becuase I was running it from a USB.

Does anyone have any ideas for a by-pass, or how to get 'Expert Mode' to show, or if and where I could download a USB Alternative copy of Ubuntu?

Many Thanks once again for your time,