View Full Version : [ubuntu] Non-active window close action

August 12th, 2010, 06:34 AM
When multiple application windows are open and tiled one over another, it is very likely to hit the wrong 'close' button by accident. Here is my suggestion:

1) "Inactive" windows shouldn't have/display 'close' button at all - OR -
2) Whenever a 'close' button is clicked on an "inactive" window, that event should focus the window (make the window active) instead of directly triggering the 'close' action and shutting down the application.

I have faced this problem many often and it is a great pain closing down the wrong applications by mistake. Hope this is fixable.

August 22nd, 2010, 04:36 AM
I'm having a similar problem on Ubuntu 10.04. When I have two windows maximized every now and then the close button closes the window behind the focused window (not every time though).