View Full Version : [ubuntu] Redirect audio output from headphone to mic?

August 10th, 2010, 08:32 PM
Heya my friends,

I'm using Ubuntu 10.04 recently installed on a Sager (ie: Clevo) laptop. All is well (and Wine has very much improved over the years since I last tried it!), but for one problem I hope you can help me with :)

The headphone hack is nolonger functional (loose soldering, and a right pita to repair), but the other jacks work fine; under win32 I can go to the driver and tell it which jacks to use for which functions (nice!) -- obviously headphone hack is best for headphones, but the mic is passable for headphones as well.

Ubuntu is using pulse, which I'm not too adept with, nor the Ubuntu config panels etc. (I'm coming from FreeBSD mostly, for this level of configuration.)

Any trick to enable this?

(ie: This is not about redirecting output to mic for purposes of mixing or recording my outputs, as most search results would be about. This is purely using headphones in a different jack.)

(Down the road I may have to look into bluetooth->to->headphone-jack adapter, to jack my nice headphones into, but thats a whole other world of hurt :)