View Full Version : [ubuntu] Avidemux commandline gives error where gui works

August 8th, 2010, 08:01 AM
I open a video file in the gui and choose: Auto -> SVCD -> File -> Save
The video is saved without errors. So I save the project to be used as a script to encode without the gui: File -> Save Project -> and save it as test.js
Then I try the commandline option:

avidemux --nogui --run test.js --save test.mpeg

Only to get an error:
* Error *
* Incompatible audio *
* For DVD, audio must be 48 kHz MP2, AC3 or LPCM. *

Here in China avidemux.org is blocked for some reason, found a google result on their forum but could not open it.

Is there anyone here who uses avidemux to encode outside the gui and encountered such a problem?

I would like to create a SVCD from files off my camera so most DVD players will play it.