View Full Version : [ubuntu] 10.04 Issue with iTunes (or Banshee if iTunes cannot be installed)

August 5th, 2010, 11:48 PM
Hello Ubuntu community, I'm new to the forums and fairly new to Linux. From what I've experienced, the crossover from XP was rough, but I'm very impressed the more I learn. Small talk aside, I have an iPod touch and MANY songs to fill it with. I like the ease that iTunes offers with syncing the iPods, specifically how I can have it only sync checked songs, and how it will automatically sync it when I plug it in. I tried installing iTunes with Wine and it installed fine, or so I thought. My first time installing it, it wouldn't run. An application would appear on the toolbar, saying "Starting iTunes..." and nothing would appear. After uninstalling and re-installing, I got it to appear, but it would freeze when it became the active window, and it would turn the entire monitor it occupied (I have dual monitors) black. If I dragged a usable window around that screen, it would make it visible again, but the toolbar on that monitor remained black until logoff/restart. Also, when asked which application to open my iPod with upon plugging it in, iTunes appeared over 10 times on the list. WTF! Giving up on iTunes for the moment, I googled [I love how Firefox lets that by spellcheck. Since when is 'googled' a word?] iTunes equivalents and was enticed to try Banshee. I actually liked it. With the exception of the checked songs, it was perfect. But I can't get it to recognize my iPod. I've tried downloading...I forget the name of it. It was a strange name, but I'm sure anyone with this problem in the past knows what I'm talking about. It was to no avail. So my final questions summed up are: Is there any way to get iTunes to function NORMALLY with Wine? Where my screen doesn't turn black and it doesn't freeze? If not, how do I get Banshee (or RhythmBox, same problem) to recognize my iPod touch? I thank you all; even if you're unable to help, for taking the time to read this. When I become more Linux-adapted, I'd like to become an active aid on these forums.