View Full Version : [ubuntu] Rythmbox freezes when window is moved..?

August 4th, 2010, 11:42 PM
In U-910 when I move Rythmbox's window half off the screen to the left, while it's playing a tune, the OS freezes..?

Is there code or upgrade to correct this glitch?..

It may be that I'm running an obsolete tower, a "Compaq Presario"...
Maybe the "steam-boiler has run out of firewood".. Or the "hamster broke a leg"..?

Are many of the Ubuntu glitches because of state of state of the art softwares being run in obsolete PC's..?

When new softwares are released, have they been tested on a series of various old computers..? If they were, I'm thinking that might neutralize most of the glitches and complaints...