View Full Version : [ubuntu] News feed software?

August 4th, 2010, 01:25 PM
So here is what I am looking for....

1. A module that compiles news articles as well as blog posts and posts it to a list. It has to be customizable allowing me to choose the sources.

2. This can be separate. I am looking for something that would allow people to install this app, and then when they have it installed they see a small video screen that is somewhere between a widget and a gadget....maybe more of a gadget. It shows snapshots of videos from the news feeds, or even better if I could give it a feed list.....and everyone who has that app installed would have that added to the available video links, and it would sit permanently on their desktop, updated and active when they are online. Maybe users could choose to add videos to the feed list if you enable user selections.

The second one is probably a little harder to come by but I had to ask.....what kind of apps are there for news feed though?