View Full Version : [ubuntu] System Monitor causes Kernel Panic on Reboot

August 2nd, 2010, 01:32 AM
Would anyone care to enlighten me as to the reason why all the windows, including the terminal, became white upon opening them, and then the system has a kernel panic upon trying to restart, all after I tried to open the system monitor from the miniature version I added to the panel? I can't boot with the kernel from GRUB2 right now, and I need to know where to begin. This has happened before (the white windows and kernel panics), but without the system monitor being the possible trigger, and after about five or six hard reboots, I left my Ubuntu partition alone for the night and it started right up the next morning. I believe this is just a problem with GRUB2 and the kernel mentioned above, not with Ubuntu, which almost works flawlessly with my hardware, save for a few convenient low-power state triggers. Are there some settings in a configuration file that I can edit to prevent this, or should I keep using until the next kernel comes out?

Also, when the windows open as white, I can sometimes click were buttons would normally be (like in the login box) and it still works. I think Xorg is crashing. Is there a reset key combination I can try? I can't access any the terminal to do a reset because that's white as wel.
See my signature for my hardware. I'm going to do some searching on my own for the answers, but I appreciate any advice.