View Full Version : [ubuntu] An aborted(?) install--ack!

Seamless in Northampton
August 1st, 2010, 03:41 PM
ORIG. MESSAGE: So I finally cleared up enough space to upgrade from 8.04 to 10.04. I am not a newb, but I am only a half-informed longtime user (I've been lucky with almost no problems, so not had to learn a lot to fix it).

All seemed OK, then when the installation finally seemed complete hours later, it said "aborting install" and something about restoring the system. But it didn't do that. So now I seem to have a near install that mostly works, aka a big headache. Is there a way to re-do this install without wiping everything out and starting over? I would very much like to avoid that unless it's absolutely necessary.

Dual install with XP works fine, at least, but here's what I get upon booting up:

1) Can't mount certain folders, including /home, /tmp, and several more. Says disk isn't ready or isn't present. When I ignore and boot, all partitions are fine, just not mounted.

2) Wired network MAC address shows up, but it no longer connects.

3) Message tells me I only have around 450 megs on /. Not sure if this is related to my problems.

Any help would be most appreciated--these are uncharted waters for me.

UPDATE: Getting there. Update manager completed distro upgrade. Network functions, more space available. Hoping GParted will solve my disk woes...