View Full Version : [Python] Changing File Permissions During or After Copy

July 22nd, 2010, 03:17 PM
First I will explain what I am doing: I have a program that builds binary Debian packages. It first copies files into a temporary directory tree then invokes "fakeroot dpkg -b" to build the .deb. I started using the lintian command on the packages I was building and realized there were a lot of errors. Many of the errors were due to some files that I had transferred from a Windows machine, the file permissions were messed up. So I got a lot of the following errors:

non-standard-file-perm usr/share/myapp/icon.xpm 0666 != 0644
non-standard-executable-perm usr/share/myapp/start.py 0777 != 0755

My first question is, is it a good idea to have my program automatically change the permissions for files and executables? Secondly, does python have a method to do this during the copy process? Currently I am using shutil.copy(src, dest), which copies the file permissions as they are. If it is better to do it after the file has been copied, is one of these methods preferred over the other: os.system("chmod"), commands.getstatusoutput("chmod"), or os.chmod(path, mode)?