View Full Version : [gnome] Change VLC icon in notification area.

July 21st, 2010, 06:44 PM
EDIT: I have found out that this is a VLC bug (VLC tray icon transparency bug) and is fixed in VLC 1.1.0 and later. END EDIT.


On Ubuntu Lucid running Gnome...

When VLC media player is running, it displays an icon on my top panel's notification area which allows control of the player even if it is on another desktop - this is useful.

However, if you look at this small screen capture you will see that I have made my panel semi-transparent, and the VLC 'running' icon is not transparent, this is ruining the acthetic of the panel. See below:


At the other end of the same panel I have several application launcher icons, one of which is VLC, however this icon is different and is nicely transparent - it looks good. See below:


How can I set it up so that VLC uses the same nice application launcher icon instead of the non-transparent icon it uses in the notification area?

Many thanks.