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July 20th, 2010, 08:31 PM
Hi, everyone, we are new in the Ubuntu community and certainly new on the Ubuntu Software Experience. we are two brothers (Joint David Luna, and Juan Carlos Luna) who really like the all GNU/Linux and we wanna contribute with our knowledge.

we have think on an idea who may help to improve a lot the image the number of users in Ubuntu. an here it is.


actually there is a lot of alternatives of open source software in Ubuntu to complete the diverse task in the design field, never the less when you compare this tools whit the Adobe Suite (which is the standard for those kind of programs) we notice Adobe has the advantage of work with an image of Unity on his programs, not just on the graphic image of the program but the User Interface of them.

Our idea is to create something similar for the Ubuntu alternatives, basically focus on create a common (up to the possible way)interface between the design programs, this will be the first goal to make a most complete Adobe alternative.

Why is this important? mainly because the designers on the different fields need to work with various tools, and the fact of use various programs its a bit hard. thats why is Adobe so popular, if its true you need to use different programs too, all of those programs have a unity and gives you the sensation of use just one big program. which is much more comfortable.

Of course, the Adobe suit its a powerful set of programs, and why we need make an alternative. principally because Adobe is not a program to run on Ubuntu, and of course without a alternative of design with the specs of Adobe, Ubuntu loses a lot of potential users, plus Adobe is powerful but also expensive, this is a free alternative but no worst than Adobe, in fact the idea is to create a actually professional Option for freelancers or just people and designers who can not effort the Adobe suit.

To make this idea come true, we aim for the GNU/Linux and Open Source principles, the idea is to adapt the existing programs and alternatives on Ubuntu to make them more compatible between them, and make a standard UI. off course the idea is to get help directly from the program makers and approval. and off course in the case of missing programs, create them.

well, in fact we are hoping in make this a real important project on the Ubuntu community and off course a huge community.

we don't know anything about programing, in fact we are designers and we can contribute more with the unification of the program's image.

well we hope to get your attention in this project, post comment and tell us if you think this is possibly or maybe if you wanna join us :D

PDA: Sorry about my English, my main language is the Spanish :S

July 20th, 2010, 09:07 PM
we don't know anything about programing, in fact we are designers and we can contribute more with the unification of the program's image.

This is the problem; we get these great humongous project ideas all the time -- without the people suggesting them not really seeming to have an idea of the scale of work required -- and then the expectation of everyone just jumping on the bandwagon and doing it for the "visionaries".

In order to start a project, one generally always has to contribute a useful, working first version oneself. People will not just come and code your project for you, sorry. :)