View Full Version : [ubuntu] Problems using e-paper with ubuntu 10.04 & nvidia

July 18th, 2010, 11:56 PM
Hi Everybody!
Last Week i finally convinced my Dad on installing Ubuntu 10.04 on his laptop ;)

But.... lately he has been having problems seeing the newspaper on the web
link: http://www.laprensagrafica.com/lpg-multimedia/epaper.html
¨Its in spanish :D¨

The problem is when ever he goes to full screen(Fourth button from the Left-Top) then to zoom(Second button from the Left-Top) the mouse frezzes.!
It stops responding and just moves by itself
Iam not sure but i think it has some to do with the microprocessor nvidia in Ubuntu 10.04 :(

Cause he says that he never gets that on Windows 7

Hope u guys can help me out and find a solution for this

Thank You for your Time Linux Masters